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Hidden Valley Golf Course is situated on beautiful acreage along the watersheds of both Bennett Creek and The Coastal Willamette River. Dan Nord purchased the course in early 2003. He has had extensive experience in Sustainable Landscape practices. He is an OSU Master Gardener, Certified Irrigation Manager, and has developed and fostered a sustainable landscape maintenance program for a large landscape company in Portland, OR. Since taking over Hidden Valley Golf Course, Dan has made a commitment to sustainability.

There are over 100 large Oak and other deciduous trees. The leaves along with other organic debris are composted on site, and re-used to enhance nutrient levels in soil. Grass clippings are mulched back into the fairways, rough, and tees. There are 46 acres of tended grounds. About 2% is fertilized, and pesticides are never used.

Hidden Valley was built over 80 years ago, and is 100 percent Poa Annua grass. Poa is a natural occurring grass that is very prolific at re-seeding itself. Most golf courses spend thousands of dollars per year on chemicals to kill or control it. The Poa at Hidden Valley has developed “Heirloom” status; over the years it has become drought tolerant and immune to many of the pathogens that thrive on other turf varieties. Naturally, we promote Poa, and feel very strongly that it is an excellent turf grass for sports facilities.

Here at Hidden Valley, it is not unusual to see deer, wild turkeys, or pheasants during your round of golf. We don’t discourage animals here and we try to use nature to control unwanted pests. We have installed Audubon Society certified birdhouses all over the course as part of our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. Many of the species we attract, not only add to the natural beauty, but they are also aggressive predators for insects and pest that cause damage to the plant life.

In maintaining the course we try to use equipment and practices that have minimal environmental and aesthetic impact. We use 4-stroke power equipment, with minimal noise and emissions. We have replaced all of our golf carts from gas powered to electric, and we are currently working on a solar panel system to charge the carts. We keep our equipment maintained for optimal efficiency, and we use only biodegradable lubricants and cleaning agents.

At Hidden Valley our commitment to sustainable practices goes on inside the buildings as well. We use Energy Star compliant lighting and appliances. We recycle all of our office waste and beverage containers.